Guided Highland Pike fishing in ScotlandHighland Pike

Guided Pike fishing in Inverness Scotland

You Fish Scotland are proud to offer professional guided Pike fishing in Inverness and the Highlands of Scotland from bank or boat, lure or fly and can even accommodate dead bait fishing.

Fishing for Pike can offer the fisher some of the best freshwater Pike action in Scotland. Our Guides are all professional fishermen and will give you the best options available to catch this Wolf of the freshwater. We use Float Tubes, Boats and Water Masters as standard and will guide you to the best possible locations for this freshwater monster.

Prices from:
£30 per hour (Minimum Guided 2 Hours)

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Pike & Perch fishing in Scotland

Your guide

Our Guides are all accomplished and experienced fly fishers that have been carefully selected for each trip.

Your Guide will take you to the best spots on the Loch to ensure that you have the best possible change of catching that fish of a lifetime.

He or she will ensure that you have the right equipment and fly selection for the selected waters and species. He will also be your chauffeur, tackle box and local tour and history guide for the day.

A guide can make the difference between success and failure especially if where you are going is isolated and has no local Ghillie service to assist you.

Our Guides are all provided with the correct equipment and use the right techniques to make your day a true success.

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Pike fishing in Inverness  & the Highlands of Scotland

We have our very own waters so our Pike are well looked after and have been carfefully managed over many years to provide some amazing Pike fishing. 

We will allow Dead Baiting but this will have to be under supervision if not experienced.

Fly fishing for Pike of the float tubes can be exciting and spinning from boats can prove to provide great action on surface water as well as below.


We use Spinning, Crankshaft, Deadbaiting and Fly rods for Pike.


Perch & PikeTransport

Fly fishing in Scotland

Your Guide or Guides for the day will meet you at your place of accommodation and drive you to your Loch for the day. At the end of the day they will bring you back to your accommodation.