Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we are looking into the future of fly fishing for 2020. 
Although we would imagine that the current situation will eventually ease off we expect that there will be reoccurring problems in the future. 
This devastating Virus has already killed thousands of people and will eventually destroy many small, medium and large businesses. This Virus is not limited to an individual or country, it has no rules of engagement or laws to abide and does not require a visa or passport to enter any country. 
How will this affect fly fishing Guides, Ghillies and Privately owned fishing beats?
In a very simple and concise answer, it will create unemployment, collapse of Businesses, a massive downturn in revenue for local villages, cities and towns. 
Fly fishing brings tourism, cash, temporary and fulltime employment. 
Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Hire Cars, Fuel Stations, Cafe's, Castles and much more. So, as you see it's not just fly fishing, it is everything associated with the sport and the effect on local businesses. 
Ghillies are an important part of Salmon fishing and will make the difference between catching a fish and not catching a fish. Most Ghillies have been the Riverkeeper for many year's and depend on the tips from their daily fishing Guests. Their knowledge of their beats are second to none and will often share their knowledge and fly choice to give the fisher every opportunity to catch that elusive Atlantic Salmon. Every Atlantic Salmon caught will have a value to each beat as most beats are valued mainly on the average numbers of Salmon caught. This season will lower the average numbers and thus lower the value of the beats. 
The prospects for 2020 are still uncertain but eventually, we will all see light at the end of the tunnel and get back out on the water. 
I for one have never missed anything so much. the thought of getting back into waders and wading the rivers, lochs and streams in search of that mighty fish is warming to the heart. 
We are living a moment in history that will be recorded in the future. 
Stay indoors and clean your fly lines, tidy your fly box's and look forward to getting back out onto the water.
Tight Lines