With the ending of a great 2018 we are looking forward to an exciting 2019 fishing season.

The prospects are looking good with good numbers of fish spawning and great catch returns from Pike, the forecast is looking rather good.

We are really looking forward to fly fishing for Brown Trout on the dries again as it proved to be a large success especially on the evening Rise. Looking at our reports from 2018

we experienced an average of 7 pounds in weight per fish with the heavist fish weighing in at 28.3 and the smallest at about 3 ounces.

Fly fishing in Scotland can certainly have it's challneges with 4 seasons in 1 day but the rewards certainly outway all challeneges put in our way.

The one thing we did notice last season was that when it was windy and the water was hard to read, we always caught the larger fish. This would most definitely prove that 

these large shy fish will come out and feed when the water is stirred up with the wind and turbulent water hidding any mistakes by the fisher.

So in general do not be put off by high winds and bad weather as these can often produce great fishing conditions.