Pike on the Fly in Scotland


At this time of year, while fly fishing for Pike do expect great numbers as you may be fly fishing for that one Pike all day!

With cold air and water temperatures it could be an uncomfortable day if not kitted out properly but with dogged determination 

and the right line you will pick up one or two.

At the moment we are fly fishing with Di 7 Lines on a 9 and 10 weight rod throwing some heavy hand tied Pike fly's by Stuart Smith

The long slow pulls of the line will definitely provide the odd exciting follow and eventually the take of that large female Pike.  You will soon forget the numb feet and numb fingers when she is on

and the rewards of your determination will be there to realease back to the water again. 

When out on the float tube we are all wishing it was the summer months again where we can fly fish top water poppers again! 

Pike is truly one of the U.K.'s finest fresh water predators on the fly.